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Organic pork cheeks in Min 5kg packs

These make a delicious slow cooked ragu! Recipe details below

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RECIPE IDEA - Slow cooked pork cheek ragu (serves 4)

Thanks to for this amazing recipe smiley

4-6 pig cheeks, left whole

2 stalks celery, finely diced

2 carrots, finely diced

1 x 400ml tin chopped tomatoes

2 tablespoons tomato puree

2 anchovies

100ml red wine

2 star anise pods

salt and pepper

This is a very simple recipe, it needs at least 12 hours to achieve its full potential. I tend to make it the evening before, giving the excuse to open a bottle of red wine and then leave it to cook overnight.

Put the pig cheeks into the slow cooker along with the diced carrot and celery. Don’t sear them first or it can toughen and prevent them being as tender.

Add the chopped tomatoes along with any juice. Use the best you can afford here. Stir in the puree.

Drop the anchovies in whole. They will dissolve into the tomatoes as it all cooks and you won’t get a fishy flavour from them but a really deep savoury backnote, alternatively you could use Worcestershire sauce as a replacement. Season the dish well with salt and pepper.

Add the star anise in and pour the red wine into it all. Don’t be tempted to add more than this. Slow cookers don’t allow liquid to evaporate so a little, especially with alcohol, goes a long way.

Put the lid on the slow cooker and cook on high for 12 hours. If you end up leaving it for 14 or 15 hours, it won’t take any harm, but don’t try to rush it. When you lift the lid at the end of the cooking time, the tomatoes will have darkened and intensified and it will all need stirred together. Fish the star anise pods out and use two forks to pull the cheeks apart into strands of soft meat that further thickens the sauce.

Serve as needed on a bed of your favourite pasta, top with grated parmesan, or put into freezer bags before flattening them out on a baking tray so you end up with a thin flat portion you can defrost easily after work


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