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Organic Corned Beef 1kg (5 x 200g)

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Organic Corned Beef 1kg (5 x 200g) £ 25.00 In stock


In stock

This is the most amazing Corned Beef - comes as 5 x 200g packs (FROZEN PRODUCT)

British Charuterie Live Awards - 2019 Silver Award

Made from British dairy- bred, grass-fed organic beef.  Cured in a secret blend of herbs and spices.  Lovingly slow cooked for 12 hours and shredded by hand.

This is frozen stock available for collection only from the farm

"There is corned beef and then THIS corned beef"

"This corned beef is so distinct from the dry fatty nonsense we have been brought up on in the UK the last 50 years, this is simply delicious"




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